We are a company that sources and exports refined gold from Guyana, where the government regulates and sets the standards. The gold can be directly verified through the consolidation of over 10 gold mines under the supervision of both Thai and Guyanese companies in a joint venture.

  • 22k gold has a composition of 91% pure gold and 9% other alloys. In Thailand, it is commonly referred to as “ทอง 90%” (gold 90%).

  • 23k gold is a popular choice among buyers and sellers. It is known for its strength and is suitable for crafting into intricate gold jewelry items such as necklaces, rings, earrings, and more.

  • 24k gold is the purest form of gold with the highest purity percentage. It is suitable for investment purposes, often found in the form of gold bars.

  • 22K gold consists of 22 parts pure gold or 92%, with the remaining 2 parts being other alloys.

  • 23K gold is composed of 23 parts pure gold or 96.5%, with the rest being other alloys.

  • 24K gold, also known as pure gold, is composed of 24 parts pure gold, making it 99.99% pure.

  • Gold ore (22 karats) with a purity of 92%, moq: 30 kilograms.

  • Gold ore (23 karats) with a purity of 96.5%, moq: 30 kilograms.

  • Gold ore (24 karats) with a purity of 97%, moq: 100 kilograms.

The company primarily uses Emirates and KLM airlines.

– In every purchase order, after signing the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA), the buyer is required to make a 50% deposit of the total value to the company for processing the order.
– Once the company receives the deposit from the buyer, we will provide a video of the product, export documentation, and send the remaining invoice to the buyer.
– After the company receives the remaining balance from the buyer, we will send the airway bill to complete the transaction.